To declare, within our league, means to demonstrate your intent to play in a given season. Declarations happen twice a year, once for the Fall season and once for the Spring season.

Please click here to access the MOSSL Declarations System.


To give you a general idea of how this process works, we have provided a link to a slideshow for you to view.



  1. Declarations open when we provide Club Codes and Passwords to MOSSL Representatives. Each member league has a MOSSL Representative. If you are not sure who your MOSSL Rep is, we suggest reaching out to your DOC.
  2. MOSSL Reps distribute the Club Code and Password to whomever they deem necessary. For security purposes, MOSSL does not distribute club login information to anyone except the MOSSL Rep, DOC, or Club Administrator (not to be confused with a Team Administrator).

For the Spring 2019 season, declarations opened on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018. They will promptly close on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019.

After you have declared a team, the coach(es) whose information was entered into the system, as well as the MOSSL Rep will receive login information for that exact team. This consists of a Team Number (B#### or G####) and Password (six-digit number). This information should be given to all Assistant Coaches and/or Team Administrator for that team. We recommend saving this email from our system, as it is pertinent to accessing the scheduling and scoring systems.



Renewing a declaration only applies to teams who competed in MOSSL in the previous Fall season. For example, teams who competed in the Fall 2018 season may simply renew their declaration to show intent to compete in the Spring 2019 season.

  1. Contact your MOSSL Rep for your new Club Password. We change these between seasons for security purposes. The Club Code remains the same.
  2. Log into the Club side.
  3. Use your Fall season TEAM LOGIN information to access your team.
  4. Follow the prompts to declare for the upcoming Spring season.
  5. Record your new TEAM password for the upcoming Spring season.


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