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Recently, there have been a number of questions regarding the various levels of licenses that are required to participate in MOSSL The following are the MOSSL bylaws that outline these requirements.

11.2 The various coaches' licenses and/or experience shall be divided into the following categories, (with Level 1 being the highest):

  1. a) Level 1:
  • S.S.F. "A", "B", or "C" license, or
  • NSCAA Advanced National or National diploma, or
  • Any recognized foreign National "A" or "B" license
  1. b) Level 2:
    • S.S.F. "D" license, or
    • S.S.F. National Youth License, or
    • 4 years collegiate coaching experience, or
    • 6 years high school varsity coaching experience.
  1. c) Level 3:
  • S.S.F. "E" license, or
  • Completion of three (3) Grassroots courses. One of the three courses must be the in-person Grassroots 11v11 course. One of the two remaining required courses also must also be an in-person course, (4v4, 7v7, or 9v9). The final required course may either be an online course or an in-person course, which cannot be the same as one of the courses that is required by the two preceding sentences.
    • NSCAA Advanced Regional diploma, (a.k.a. NSCAA Junior Level VI) or
  • 2 years collegiate coaching experience, or
  • 3 years high school varsity coaching experience, or
  • has participated as a player on a U.S.S.F. National team at the Age 18 and Under level or higher.
  1. d) Level 4:
  • S.S.F. Youth Module II or
  • Completion of any of the online Grassroots courses.
  • S.S.F. "F" license or
  • NSCAA Junior Level III (or its predecessor - NSCAA State diploma).

11.3 The Vice President - Competition shall be authorized to grant up to two six (6) month waivers of the above requirements on a case by case basis.


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