A few notes about field closures and inclement weather:

1. Please check your field status via the "Fields" tab on our homepage. This page has addresses and maps to each field location. Additionally, we have provided website links where you will find field status or contact information for each location.

2. If you are still unsure about the status of a field please follow the steps below.

Home teams - please contact your FIELD COORDINATOR.

Away teams and Referees - please contact the home team admin or coach. The team contact list can be found on varios pages of our website.

3. If fields are closed the home team is responsible for contacting the game officials as soon as possible. If a game is cancelled 6 hours or more prior to the start of a match please notify our office, so we can remove the game from the schedule. This prevents game officials from taking an available spot on the game.

4. If officials are not contacted about a game cancellation due to weather (and they show up), the home team is expected to pay officials the full fees for the game.

Policies pertaining to weather as written in our bylaws:
7.17 Any game in league or tournament play that has begun and has proceeded to the
conclusion of the first half shall be considered a complete game, if the remainder of the game cannot be played in a timely manner, due to inclement weather, including but not limited to, the presence of lightning, the immediate threat of lightning or other circumstances beyond the control of the game's participants. The score of the game at the time that the game is declared a complete game shall stand as the final score for the game.

7.17.1 If the first half of the game has not concluded and the game must be terminated due to inclement weather or other circumstances, then the game is an incomplete game and when rescheduled, must be replayed in its entirety.

7.19 If an assigned or scheduled referee or assistant referee arrives at a game field prior to the designated start time and the game cannot be played due to inclement or hazardous weather conditions, unplayable field conditions, closed fields, or any other reason, or is an incomplete game, the referee and assistant referees shall be paid their full game fees as outlined in section

7.1. This section shall not be applicable if the home team has made a reasonable and timely attempt to contact the referee or assistant referee to report the cancellation of the game. Any dispute arising in reference to this section shall be referred to the Vice-President - Competition for his determination as to the proper resolution of the matter.


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