Get your certification
1. The minimum age is 14 years old, i.e. born prior to year 2006 (and will turn 14 at anytime during the 2019 calendar year).
2. All attendees must pre-register online. Prior to the classroom session you must complete allthe on-line training
3. All referees must complete the concussion awareness course. Print the certificate and bring to to class.
4. If your are 18 or older, you must complete OSYSA Risk Management. Print the
certificate and bring it to class.
Attend 3 indoor and one outdoor session.
6. Fee is $70. Make your check payable to OSSRC.

Clinic sessions maybe subject to cancellation due to lack of registered participants.

Participants should check the OSSRC website immediately prior to a classroom session for any last-minute changes.


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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Referee Registrtion and Forms

    MOSSL will be switching to game officials for the 2019 Fall season. We think this will be an improvement over the old scheduling system. Game Officals for MOSSL and BPYSL will be set up so you can continue to self-schedule. This system is already being used by our BPYSL Dayton assignor Joel Hughes. Joel will be working closely with me over the next few months to help get this all set up and ready for the fall season. Please watch for updates and patience as we make the transition will be appreciated.

    Once you have joined our group labeled Joel Huges please click on the following link below and fill out the form. This will help us find you in the system and activate you to schedule games.

    Fall 2019 MOSSL Ref

    To be clear we will no longer use the old data base. You do not need to fill out the referee availability form. Everything will be done on the Game Officials system from here on out. To get registered please follow the instructions below.

    New Users: (You do not have a profile anywhere in Please follow these instructions to request a username and password for

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the <New Official> link (left hand side of the screen in green).
    3. Enter the following under the [Group Number and Access Code] box:
    a. Group Number = 1184
    4. Access Code = referee
    5. Click <Continue>
    6. Enter the following information:
    a. Name, First & Last
    b. Email address
    c. Username
    d. Password
    7. Click on <SAVE (Create New Account)>
    8. You will receive a message "Welcome to Game!", click on OK
    9. Input your Username and Password and click<Log In>
    10. After you login for the first time check the box [I Agree With These Terms] and click <Continue>.
    11. From the "Officials Maintenance" screen, enter the following information:
    a. Date of Birth
    b. Address, City, State, and Zip Code
    c. Phone Numbers
    d. Additional email addresses
    e. Other Information
    12. Click on <SAVE (Modify Official)>

    Current Users:
    If you already have a login to, you can link your account to the new Joel Hughes Group by logging in and using the "Join Group" feature on the "My Assignors" page.

    To join the Joel Hughes Group, do the following:

    1. Login to
    2. Click on the <My Assignors> link (left hand side of the screen under [Personal Info]).
    3. Click on the <(Show)> link (left hand side of the [Join New Group] dialog box inside [MY ASSIGNORS]).
    4. Enter the following under the [Join Existing Group] box:
    a. Group/Assignor Number = 1184
    b. Group Access Code = referee
    5. Click <Join Group>

    MOSSL referees must be at least 14 years of age. New referees will be added to the system with the following ratings.

    14 year olds can not center games. Line ratings will be set at U12 and under.

    15-18 year olds - center ratings will be set at U10 and under. Line ratings at U12 and under.

    19 and up - center ratings will be set at U12 and under. Line ratings at U14 and under.

    Referee Post Game Report

    OSSRC Website

    MOSSL Referee Fee Chart

    Age Group

    Center Referee

    Assistant Referee

    Assistant Referee


    U8 & U9 Academy










    U10 (7v7)





    U10 (9v9), U11, U12 (9v9)





    U12 (11v11), U13, U14





    U15, U16





    U17, U18/19





    If BOTH AR's do not show up, teams must pay the center referee $5 more than the expected fee. For Example: a U11 Center without 2 AR's must be paid $37, instead of $32.


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